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[my moods…]

Here are some impressions of different places I found in SL while exploring at nights :) I can’t stop taking pictures when I see so many great Backgrounds… Visit my Snapshot-Galary…

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[No Salvation]

It’s been a while, I was at „No Salvation“ with Eve… they changed this place a lot since I took this pictures… I guess, if you will go there, you can’t find this place anymore, it was up in the sky and had really amazing atmosphere… shame…

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[Chouchou] … is back

Since Chouchou is back, I couldn’t resist to go there and take pictures from time to time… there is not much to see… but what you see is so special and I love to be there and listen to this lovely Chouchou sound… A really great place to be in SL… Love it ♥

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Dreaming at Alurel… a very mystical place to relax and chill, you can also rent your own home or buy land there if you are interested… I loved this place to make my pictures…

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[just me]

Just me are some pictures of me… lol… I should make some lovely pictures of my friends, but all the people ask for morphs or pictures edited in photoshop… that’s not what I do… or what I want to do… love to make them best while taking them in SL and leave them snapshots… *smiles* Want me to make a picture of you?

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[Photo-Contest] G3D @ SubLupina

It has been a time, I took part at a photo-contest. The topic was „be a monument somewhere on the sims of Germany 3D“… I decide to go to SubLupina… it is a roleplay-combat sim… always a great place to check it out… make your own mind ;)


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[.XIV] Evanesce – my beautiful SL

I saw a post of some beautiful pictures on the FB wall of a friend and asked her for the Landmark… that’s how I came to this lovely place. It is a perfect place to explore and to find  sweet little things like carussell-horses and you can be a puppet wearing  strings on arms and legs… there are so many little things to discover…

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I love to explore beautiful places in SL and take pictures there. My passion is it to make the pictures best without editing them in photoshop – so what you see are all snapshots. These pictures are from HuMaNoiD, a wonderful place with many little places to explore hidden behind some doors. I changed my wind-light-settings, but you should accept the settings done by the creator of this sim, to have to correct view… enjoy the trip :)


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Happy Mood in Winter

My last Photo-Tour in SL yesterday night, brought me to „Happy Mood“, a great place to explore and go shopping for some funny stuff. You can make a tour on some little leaf-boats floating around and through a big shining tree… most of the stuff you can see during your tour is available to buy at the „Happy Mood Shop“… search for the Teleport ;) if you got curious now here the link to Happy Mood… check it out =)

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