The SL Group „Germany in 3D“ presents:


The Berlin wall is known all over the world and not only a part of the German history, it’s worldwide history. The western part of the wall was full of graffitys, while the eastern part was a deadly zone for everyone.
Do you know the „Eastside Gallery“ in Berlin? There you can see today parts of the Berlin wall, with great graffitys.

Our idea:

SL artists texture their own part of the Berlin Wall. These parts we will exhibit on all sims of Germany in 3D for 4 weeks. Mother of this idea is the CowParade (

Germany in 3D encourages every artist in sl to design a part of the wall! Each interested artist gets a part of the wall from G3D full perm in the original size 2×4 meters. Design or texture the piece as you like it. You also can design 2 or 3 parts side by side as one object and link it.

The designed pieces will be exhibited on the G3D-Sims first for 4 weeks and later on we think about a gallery on G3D where the pieces are exhibited permanently.


From now on you can get a part of the wall full perm.

Please give your designed part back and name it with Berlin wall <avatar name> until the 19th of december 2011. (If you miss this date we unfortunately cannot exhibit your piece)
Please give your piece to Maike Hoorenbeek AND Gromit Mayo. Take care that your piece is COPY TRANS.

This is not a contest, it is an art exhibition.

We are looking forward to your pieces!

your Germany in 3D – Team

You may not change the size of the wall part!
You agree that your piece will be exhibited on the G3D-Sims gratuitously with your name (sl or rl-name is your choice).
G3D has the rights to document the whole action and to advetrise and to make pictures or machnimas where your piece can be seen.